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Market Research and Consulting

We support medium-sized companies and international groups from industrial, media, trading and service sectors during the entire process of market and opinion research: We design a study that meets the research requirements. With an appropriate method, we personally collect data online and mobile. The results are analysed by us and we prepare meaningful charts with which you will be able to immediately work with and avoid having to go through complex masses of data.

For us, effective market research means asking the right questions in order to provide beneficial answers to our clients. That is the reason why we focus on intensive consultation during our work.

Broad Range of Methods

For every possible question we offer the appropriate survey and analysis methods. With qualitative market research, we uncover hidden information and provide an overview on important issues. With quantitative market research, we collect measurable data and display them intelligibly. We pay close attention to the concepts behind the data which we visualize using advanced methods of data analysis.

We support you with every relevant questions of market and opinion research and are experienced in every relevent area of brand, product, communication, target group, marketing and POS research.

A one stop service

With SPLENDID RESEARCH you have a market research institute that supports you on every step of your projects without passing on any partial services. This way, we can live up to your and our own high quality standards.


Our experienced market researchers design your qualitative or quantitative study so that it will satisfy your requirements.


With data collection, we count on our own panel, our own subjects and test persons and we do not rely on third parties to collect data.


Analysis of obtained data is conducted to the most recent knowledge of market and social research. The data is prepared and presented by us providing you with immediate valuable insights.




Our team consists of highly motivated colleagues from various disciplines.



We have already carried out projects for more than 600 satisfied clients.

Survey Participants

2.5 Million+

We have active particpants for our online surveys in over 70 countries.

Qualitative Subjects


For recruiting focus groups and qualitative studies we provide motivated participants from own database.

Market research all over the world

We offer you our services in market and opinion research all over the world. Through our own online panel we have access to survey participants from over 70 countries. We can invite them to a survey with your interesting questions at any time.

The results from surveys through our online panel are representative, vaild and reliable providing you a basis for well-founded decision-making.

We ask the right questions.

André Wolff


Managing Director
Jan Fischer


Head of Panel Management
Gerald Falkenburg


Head of Research
Norman Habenicht


Head of Marketing & Communications

Clients from all over the world enjoy our work.

Work with us!

We are already excited about your market research project and are looking forward to your inquiries. With us as market research agency, you have an experienced partner who takes a successful customer relationship very seriously.

We are a member of the worlds most important Market Research association.

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