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CORE is a Insights Tool for all who are interested in how their products, brands or concepts are accepted by the market:

✔ For market research beginners and experts
✔ 17 Audited market research standards including
✔ Selection of target group from verified pool of participants

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* 200 participants included

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Welcome to your insights tool

Choose from 12 insights modules. All templates are developed and tested by SPLENDID RESEARCH.

Just a few minutes of brain power ...

You enter the most important key data for your question and CORE smartly and automatically creates the questionnaire, finds the appropriate survey participants and provides you with the desired analyses.

1. Choose survey template
2. Set target group
3. Start automated survey
4. Get your results in just 24 hours

Inreaktives Dashboard

With SPLENDID CORE, we have found a fast tool with great support that provides us with valid answers to all core questions about our brand and products within 24 hours.

Daniel Mainka - Marketing Director at Brockhaus

SPLENDID Core - Schnell und einfach

Good market research is time and cost consuming

You can set up your market surveys yourself. Then you need know-how above all. Or you can hire a market research agency. Then you need budget - and a lot of time!

Whichever solution you choose: In the end, you are never really sure whether the market research really meets your requirements.

CORE makes market research simple and fast

We think you should be able to answer the core questions of your business yourself - without expert skills and big budgets.

With CORE, we offer you our knowledge - acquired over many years - in brand, product and concept research in an easy-to-use tool.

No more ...

✗ No more hours of work you put into complicated DIY questionnaires.
✗ No more uncertainty about whether your market research is up to date.

→ Create your first market researchnow for free and finally understand your customers better ←

My favorite exercise every Friday is to check the awareness and image of an t and image of an exciting brand or to have current posters and packaging evaluated that are being talked about in the media. The variety of insights never ceases to amaze me.

Norman Habenicht - Marketing & PR

Quality guarantee: CORE checks answers and participants

✔ Developed by the renowned market research institute SPLENDID RESEARCH from Hamburg, Germany
✔ Standardized surveys for uninfluenced results
✔ Surveys according to the latest scientific standards
✔ Large pool of international survey participants
✔ Results visible at any time in the live dashboard
✔ Easy to understand charts and graphs
✔ All answers checked for quality

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