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As an international market research institute, we have our own online panel with survey participants from over 70 countries. You can book and interview these survey participants for scientific studies or in the context of market research surveys. With us, you find well-coordinated processes from the briefing on the setup up to the field phase.
Step 1


You name the quota you need for your survey: number, gender, education, place of residence, etc.

We will check the feasibility and give you a price.

Step 2


We will give you endlinks that you build into your survey so that we can retrace which participants have successfully participated.

Step 3

Field Phase

We invite participants to your online survey according to your quota specifications.

Only those participants who have fully participated in the survey will be billed.

Packages and prices

As an international market research institute with its own online panels in more than 70 countries, we accompany you in the conduct of your survey and recruit suitable participants. With us you have a reliable partner who stands for competent advice, rapid implementation and high data quality.

€ 3,90 / Participant

  • 200 to 500 participants     
  • German participants
  • Max. 20 minutes questionnaire length
  • Representative by age (18-70), gender, state, income, education
  • Online conduct on your self-hosted questionnaire

€ 3,70 / Participant

  • 501 to 1000 participants     
  • German participants
  • Max. 20 minutes questionnaire length
  • Representative by age (18-70), gender, state, income, education
  • Online conduct on your self-hosted questionnaire

€ 3,50 / Participant

  • from 1001 participants     
  • German participants
  • Max. 20 minutes questionnaire length
  • Representative by age (18-70), gender, state, income, education
  • Online conduct on your self-hosted questionnaire
Conduct time from commissioning for SPLENDID SAMPLE START and SPLENDID SAMPLE ADVANCED is 24 hours and for SPLENDID SAMPLE PRO 36 hours. Prices are net prices plus VAT.

Individual solution desired?

Our packages do not cover your needs or you have a question? Do you have different specifications for the number of participants, target group, quotas, etc.? Contact us and we will find a solution together.


  • High data quality
  • Very good accessibility of special target groups with low incidences
  • Organizationally smooth handling with a permanent contact
  • Excellent value for money
  • Short field times and thus fast project handling and fast data delivery
  • Our own global online panel, which is constantly being expanded
  • Long-term partnerships with our clients


Our global Online Access Panels

We support you worldwide in your market research with our own high-quality online panels. We have access to interesting target groups from the B2C and B2B sectors. We look after you professionally from the conception over the execution and - if desired - up to the analysis of the obtained data.

With our online access panels, we provide access to consumers in over 70 countries. The size of the country panels varies, but they all have one thing in common: a high quality.


The data quality that can be achieved with a survey via an online access panel depends, aside from a methodologically clean questionnaire and the sample, on many different factors. In order to meet our own high standards, we ensure our quality in all stages and leave nothing to chance.
  • Panel Recruitment

    Participants in our online surveys are registered members of our online panels and .

    The panelists are actively and passively recruited through various channels such as telephone promotions, advertisements on the Internet or in newspapers, referrals, PR contributions, etc. We dispense with affiliate-driven channels, as the quality of these panelists is poor and nearly exclusively monetary driven.

    Each participant registers completely voluntarily and is not misled into making false promises to register.

    A geo-IP check ensures that the participant is actually in the country where he claims to be.

    Each participant must validate their e-mail address to submit survey offers.

    After registration, the participants will receive suitable surveys either via e-mail and / or app directly on their smartphone. Geo-IP-Check also validates the location in the right country.

  • Panel Care

    Participants receive a small remuneration as an incentive and appreciation. These can be paid out via PayPal. We do not work with non-transparent points systems, coupons or competitions as an incentive to participate.

    The profiles are maintained regularly: on the one hand, the participants are asked to update existing data. On the other hand, new attributes are always included in the profiling in order to ensure the widest and deepest possible sample selection.

    In case of persistent inactivity or quality defects, the profiles of the participants will be deleted. This allows us to predict response rates very accurately and to estimate to what extent we can support our clients with very specific requests.

    Attendance and withdrawal behavior of participants is monitored to detect fraudulent behavior. In case of abnormalities, the participant is excluded from our pool.

  • Field Phase

    Self-selection is excluded in our surveys. The participants are actively invited to the survey and can only participate in this way. In doing so, we do not inform the participants in advance about the topic of the survey. We avoid survey junkies by only occasionally inviting participants to polls.

    The quality of the answers will be checked during the field time (and not only afterwards) and any bad cases will be deleted. In the process, certain points in the questionnaire are checked for contradictions or implausible statements. Only clearly deficient cases are removed; there is no interference with the data integrity.

    As part of the surveys, we regularly include several quality questions that can only be answered if the participants have conscientiously read the survey.

    The actual location of the respondent is verified by the IP address. Furthermore, a multiple participation over different profiles is excluded by cookies. If panelists fall through our quality grid, they are excluded from the panel.

  • Data Quality

    After the end of the data collection, the data set is examined for poor response behavior such as pattern, processing time, etc. The algorithms used are up-to-date and are being continuously developed.

    We work on the motto "data quality and panelist quantity," and that pays off for us and our clients. Our high quality standards from recruiting to the continuous and careful maintenance of our panel by our qualified team are impressive: we have above-average response rates and a high degree of commitment from our participants.

    This results in an answer quality that meets the highest demands and is therefore a solid basis for successful market research projects of our customers.

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