The world's best participants for your survey

Do you have a survey questionnaire and are looking for the right survey participants to answer it? GetYourSample gives you access to more than 2 million survey participants around the world.
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Real people answer your survey questionnaire

With a precise preselection you will get optimal results. Are you looking for male cat owners who like to snowboard and drive a BMW? You can even find the famous needle in a haystack with GetYourSample.

Create a project in 5 minutes, check feasibility and start the survey

Create a survey project easy and fast

In just 5 minutes you can create a new project, select the participants, integrate your questionnaire and send it out.

Quick and easy price and feasibility check

You can quickly determine the cost and feasibility of your survey based on the selected participants.

Full control and flexibility

Our algorithm controls the invitations send out to the participants. And you can monitor in real time and make adjustments if necessary.

Fast and direct: Survey participants for every budget

Choose participants worldwide

Choose from 2.2 million high quality survey participants in more than 70 countries.

Get high quality responses

SPLENDID participants are profiled in over 3,000 criteria and are selected by us based on their quality and activity.

Full control and flexibility

You can adapt, pause, finish, copy or restart your projects and always have an eye on the progress.

Our 2.2 million panelists are already used by over 1,000
international customers

We stand for high quality market research and follow ESOMAR standards. The SPLENDID rating therefore not only applies to our products and services, but also to the careful selection of the survey participants.

Meaningful market research starts with the right survey participants!


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