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Your packaging protects the product. But it is much more than that. It is advertising space, information material and UX stumbling block. That offers a lot of potential for optimisation.

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We examine how your packaging performs. Designs and concepts can also be used. Everything uncomplicated online.

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With us, a product research expert keeps an eye on the entire project. This increases efficiency, creates added value in the creation of the questionnaire and guarantees a smooth project flow.

Global Online Panel

We are constantly reviewing and expanding our global pool of survey participants in 74 countries. We thus ensure particularly clean data delivery.

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From the conception of the questionnaire to the analysis of your data, we think along with you. On request, we derive options for action and prepare meaningful charts.

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The way to your packaging test

From conception to data collection and analysis, we always keep the common goal in mind.


We get to know your questions, define reasonable and feasible study objectives together and discuss the setup. This also includes the definition of a clear timing, the appropriate sample size and the survey form.


Based on your briefing, we design the questionnaire for your study, which you can enrich with individual content such as competitors or image attributes. The result is a research concept that is optimally suited to your research question.


With our own panel (pool of participants), we always have the data in our own hands and are not dependent on third parties. In addition, after data collection, a series of intensive quality checks are carried out, which guarantee precise results.


At the end of a market research analysis, we always provide an easy-to-understand report with clear recommendations for action. This allows you to make successful decisions directly after the project, based on the latest research findings, and to move your company forward.

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Application examples and benefits

Our approach to packaging tests

It is often the very last thing to be considered, yet it contributes significantly to success - the product packaging. It should not only protect the product inside and enable easy storage and transport.

Product packaging is typically the first thing you see of a product. And the first impression counts - it is decisive for sales. This makes it clear that the packaging has a direct influence on the sales to be achieved.

Product packaging also ensures that a product can be recognised and distinguished in a sea of alternatives. The packaging conveys information relevant to the purchase decision, such as the ingredients, logo/manufacturer, quantity, intended use and, if applicable, the price.

The packaging is also usually responsible for the removal or dosage of the product. Keyword milk carton. Long-built loyalties of the customer can be called into question if the packaging is impractical or does not correspond to the customer's values.

Respondents can be asked to specifically mark what they like and dislike. The markings of all respondents can be combined into a kind of heat map. This enables an easy allocation of potentials and suggestions for improvement.

The available alternatives can be ranked objectively according to various criteria, such as overall preference or any individual criteria.

The available alternatives can be ranked objectively according to various criteria, such as overall preference or any individual criteria.

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Since 2008, we have been committed to high-quality product research.

Whether you are a corporate group or an agency, whether you need a complex study or a simple results report - we will put together a customized package that will help your company.

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The study conducted with Splendid Research has been a core part of our work. With the results as a starting point, we designed the marketing measures for a whole year. 2 years after its publication, the study is still our most successful and most downloaded asset. It shows how valuable a sound database is and that there is a lot of interest in it. We have been very professional and supportive of the team throughout the process. We look forward to the next joint survey.

Nicole Sandra Pukala,


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The cooperation with SPLENDID RESEARCH was very pleasant and professional. The results were available quickly and were useful for the further positioning of Nico Rosberg.

Florian Krumrey,

Geschäftsführer von CAA

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Thanks to SPLENDID RESEARCH, we had valid data at our disposal, which helped us very well to derive appropriate measures. Even changes to the schedule at short notice were implemented in an uncomplicated manner. We can only recommend anyone to turn to SPLENDID RESEARCH when it comes to employee surveys. Many thanks for this!

Leif Jensen, Landeshauptstadt Kiel,

Personal- und Organisationsamt,
Zentrale Personalentwicklung

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SPLENDID RESEARCH has been supporting our company since autumn 2016, and not without reason! We have always been looked after competently, bindingly and with absolute reliability. SPLENDID RESEARCH has our back and carries out the recruitment of suitable test candidates independently, with commitment, in a solution-oriented manner and, above all, always quickly and in a friendly manner. A partnership as it should be. Not only we say that, but also the test candidates we have invited via SPLENDID RESEARCH so far.

Patricia Regenhardt, Marketing Manager,

Ferratum Bank p.l.c/, Düsseldorf

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In our search for a suitable testimonial with whom we wanted to optimise the positioning of our brand, SPLENDID RESEARCH provided us with excellent support. By means of the HUMAN BRAND INDEX, we received valid data in a very short time, which served as a basis for our decision and through which we are now working with the popular actor Jan Josef Liefers as our new advertising face.

Cornelia Friedrich,

Abteilungsleiterin Werbung & PR

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