Our approach for valid results: Co-thought from a single source

We approach your question with realism and analytical flair. Always keeping in mind: a suitable method for the best quality of results.

Our self-image: openness

Realistic assessments meet tailored data collection.

Are you unsure who to interview or does your company finally need clarity on brand or target group issues? We help with honest exchange and a consistent methodology on the way to individual answers with added value.

Realistic counselling

We develop your question together and ensure a realistic objective on the basis of an appropriate methodology.

Important quality checks

During data collection, for example, we ensure that only serious answers from the respondents are included in the results.

Individual analysis

According to the latest findings of market and social research, we provide comprehensible and valuable insights for the future of your company.

High-quality market research needs special care.

With passionate meticulousness and a lot of experience in dealing with data, we accompany your question through our joint project. It helps us in particular that we are not dependent on third parties for the survey. With our own pool of survey participants, we have the quality of the answers in our hands throughout. In addition, we can respond dynamically to your requirements. You are also welcome to come to us with the data you have already collected. We will analyse it and make clear recommendations for action.

Marktforschungs Experte Niklas Knaack ist Teamleiter bei SPLENDID RESEARCH Marktforschungs Expertin Tamara Keßler ist Projektleiterin bei SPLENDID RESEARCH Marktforschungs Experte Lars Schmedeke ist Projektleiter bei SPLENDID RESEARCH

Our team: highly motivated

Experienced experts with a professional focus want to help you.

In the various research areas such as price research or employee surveys, we have people working for us who can look back on many years of experience in their special field. We can therefore make individual adjustments to the research design that will put your market research on an even more reliable path.


We guarantee the highest data quality.

Achieving excellent results in market research requires speed of action, methodological cleanliness and well-maintained, high-performing panels. Because we have everything in our own hands, we respond efficiently to developments in data collection, incorporate our appropriate methodology and regularly review and maintain our own panels.

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